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Join us at these upcoming events and tradeshows


AAAA Summit


April 24-26 2024 in Denver, CO


Join us at the 2024 AAAA Summit in Denver, CO! Explore PIC's comprehensive range of cabling solutions tailored for military and defense interconnect applications. From premium aerospace cables to connectors and assemblies, we've got you covered for all your mission-critical systems!

Our rugged military cables and assemblies are built to withstand the toughest conditions, offering reliability and longevity. Lightweight and designed to address routing challenges, our solutions ensure consistent performance while optimizing fuel consumption and increasing payload capacity.

Experience the innovation of MACHFORCE connectors, boasting unparalleled port density with up to 10 ports of 10G Ethernet in a single size 25 connector. Engineered as a field-repairable D38999 connector, MACHFORCE simplifies technician experiences and ensures swift repairs, crucial for time-sensitive missions.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your military operations with PIC! Join us at the AAAA Summit.




AUSA Annual Meeting & EXPO


October 14-16 2024 in Washington, DC


Join us at the 2024 AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC! Discover our high-performance electronic cables, connectors, and assemblies tailored for demanding & rugged environments. Our solutions are lightweight, solve complex routing issues, deliver reliable performance, and are specified worldwide in demanding military applications including airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, and ground vehicles.

Our innovative D-38999 MACHFORCE 10G Ethernet connector is engineered for sophisticated high-speed electronics, ensuring easy repairability in the field while optimizing port density for superior signal integrity and performance.  Explore our rugged military cables and cable assemblies, perfect for embedded computing, radar, surveillance, electronic warfare, communications, and more. Make PIC your go-to for aerospace cabling solutions.

Visit us during AUSA to see how MACHFORCE connector & PICMates cables can enhance your connectivity on your upcoming missions. See you at AUSA!

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