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Lightweight RF Coax Cable

For maximum weight savings, ULTRALITE coaxial cables are the choice for you.

Ultra Lightweight Coax Cables

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ULTRALITE coaxial cables from PIC are the next step in cutting-edge technology. These next-generation ULTRALITE cables are an extension of our already successful 50-ohm RF coaxial cable line that provides additional weight savings for those with weight restrictions. ULTRALITE coaxial cables are designed to be lighter than typical cables while maintaining high-quality performance, low attenuation and easy installation design making them perfect for applications where weight is an issue. 

Switching to ULTRALITE cables - such as our UH25107, UH67163, UH22089 and UH44193 models - will allow you to save on a variety of valuable characteristics- from fuel consumption to easier to installation, without sacrificing performance. With ULTRALITE's low attenuation, ultra-lightweight design and easy installation, we're confident they'll exceed your expectations.  


Typical Applications

  • L-Band Air-to-Ground (ATG) networks
  • Active electronically steered phased arrays
  • GPS connectivity
  • SATCOM antennas
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