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UH67163 - Ultralite 50 Ohm Coaxial RF Cable

UH67163 is an UltraLite 50 Ohm premium coaxial cable for proven performance in the aerospace and defense markets. The UH67163 cable is constructed with low loss and ultra-lightweight materials to provide an extremely lightweight and low loss coaxial cable. With a silver-plated copper clad aluminum (SPCCA) braided shield and a flat spiral wrapped shield, The UH67163 achieves -110 dB shielding effectiveness, same as a solid copper tube. The inner spiral shield conforms to the low-loss PTFE dielectric for superior uniformity and stability of all operating parameters, initially and over time. 


UH67163 Product Bulletin

UH67163 Burn Test Data

Cable Construction

  • Conductor: Silver-Plated Copper-Clad Aluminum
  • Dielectric: PTFE
  • Shield #1: Silver-Plated Copper Flat Spiral Wrap
  • Shield #2: Silver-Plated Copper-Clad Aluminum Braid
  • Jacket: Extruded ETFE , White (Laser Markable)

Physical Data

  • Conductor:14 AWG Solid SPCCA
  • Temperature Range: -65/150°C
  • Outer Diameter: in (mm)0.23 (5.77)
  • Minimum Bend Radius: in (mm)1.20 (30.48)
  • Weight: lbs/100 ft (kg/100 m)3.40 (5.10)

Electrical Data

  • Impedance: ohms50
  • Capacitance: pF/ft (m)24.70 (81.00)
  • Velocity of Propagation: 83.00%
  • Time Delay: ns/ft (m)1.22 (4.00)
  • Shielding Effectiveness: dB (min)-110
  • Dielectric Voltage Rating: (kV, RMS)4.50
  • DC Resistance: ohms/1000 ft (m)4.10 (13.50)


Frequency Nom/ Max dB/100 ft Nom/Max (dB/100 m)
@0.4 GHz 3.9/4.3 (12.8/14.1)
@1.0 GHz 6.2/6.8 (20.3/22.3)
@1.6 GHz 7.9/8.7 (25.9/28.5)
@5.0 GHz 14.3/15.9 (46.9/52.2)


Formula for Attenuation:
(K1 × √F(MHz) + (K2 × F(MHz))

K Values (nom loss):
K1 =0.187   K2 =0.000216

Spec Sheet Builder

UH67163 Connectors

Select one or more connector files to download directly or add to your compiled pdf document.

Connector TypeDescriptionPart NumberTermination InstructionsAdd to Spec Sheet
50 Ohm ARINC600 Size 1150501T-1505XX
600 Modified Size 1150502T-1505XX
404/600 Size 5150503T-1505XX
50 Ohm BNCStraight Plug150512T-1505XX
90° Plug150513T-1505XX
90° Plug (Long)150513-LT-1505XX
50 Ohm HNStraight Plug150504T-1505XX
90° Plug150505T-1505XX
50 Ohm M39029Size 8 Pin150538T-150538
Size 8 Socket150539T-150539
50 Ohm NStraight Plug150510T-1505XX
90° Plug150511T-1505XX
Bulkhead Jack150522T-1505XX
50 Ohm QMAStraight Plug150549T-1505XX
90° Plug150550T-1505XX
50 Ohm SCStraight Plug150569
50 Ohm SMAStraight Plug150514T-1505XX
90° Plug150515T-1505XX
Inline Jack150525T-1505XX
50 Ohm Special PurposeRockwell ProLine Avionics Coaxial Socket150520T-150520
50 Ohm TNCStraight Plug150508T-1505XX
90° Plug150509T-1505XX
90° Plug (Long)150509-LT-1505XX
Bulkhead Jack150521T-1505XX
Inline Jack150523T-1505XX

Spec Sheet Includes:

  • Assembly Loss at
  • Product Bulletin
  • Burn Test Data

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