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Angelus Receives FAA PMA

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Angelus Receives FAA PMA

Effective April 26, 2023, the PMA authorization has transitioned to our parent company, Angelus, allowing the company to manufacture and ship PMA qualified products across its various business units, including the well-known PIC Wire & Cable brand.  "Receiving FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval is a monumental achievement for Angelus, and we are thrilled to share this news with our valued customers," expressed Adrel Tutwiler, VP, Quality and Continuous Improvement at Angelus."   The ability to manufacture PMA qualified products under any of our business units, including the esteemed PIC Wire & Cable brand, reinforces our promise to deliver superior products that meet the highest regulatory benchmarks. 

What is PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval)?

FAA PMA approval is a formal authorization granted by the FAA to manufacturers of aircraft parts, components, and systems. This approval signifies that the manufacturer has demonstrated that their product meets the FAA's rigorous safety, performance, and quality standards. Essentially, it certifies that the PMA-approved component is a suitable replacement for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, ensuring continued airworthiness of aircraft.

Key Elements of FAA PMA approval include:

Design Approval: The company seeking PMA approval must demonstrate that their design for the aircraft part meets all applicable FAA regulations and standards. This includes ensuring that the part's design won't compromise the safety, reliability, or performance of the aircraft.

Safety Assurance: PMA approval ensures that the replacement parts are manufactured to the same or higher standards as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. The FAA evaluates the design, production methods, quality control processes, and testing procedures to verify that the parts meet the necessary safety and performance criteria.

Quality Assurance: Manufacturers seeking PMA approval must demonstrate effective quality control processes, which encompass stringent inspections, testing, and documentation. These measures guarantee that the produced parts consistently meet the required specifications and perform reliably in the demanding aviation environment.

Design and Engineering: Manufacturers must provide detailed documentation and evidence that their product design is equivalent to, or superior to, the OEM part it intends to replace. This involves extensive testing, analysis, and validation.

Regulatory Compliance: PMA-approved parts must adhere to the applicable FAA regulations, including design, production, and airworthiness standards. The FAA assesses the manufacturer's ability to ensure compliance throughout the manufacturing process and product lifecycle.

Documentation: Detailed technical documentation must be submitted to the FAA, outlining the design, manufacturing processes, testing procedures, and quality control measures.

In summary, FAA PMA approval signifies that Angelus, and its brands including PIC Wire & Cable, have met the FAA's rigorous standards for designing, producing, and controlling the quality of aircraft parts. This milestone reaffirms Angelus' dedication to quality, safety, and excellence, ensuring a brighter future for both the company and the industry as a whole. It is a crucial certification that instills confidence in the aviation industry and ensures that aircraft are equipped with safe and reliable components, even if they are not sourced directly from the original manufacturer.