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High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet Launch

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Aerospace & Defense Industry's First HDMI® Certified Cable Unveiled

PIC Wire and Cable is proud to announce the launch of the first HDMI® certified cable designed specifically for the aerospace and defense sectors. This launch signifies a shift in connectivity standards, offering a solution finely tuned to the unique demands of aerospace environments.

Engineered and rigorously tested to meet HDMI® Cable requirements, the H1926-HS cable signifies a remarkable leap forward in aerospace and defense connectivity. Developed to thrive in the demanding conditions of aircraft and vehicles, this cable supports 4K video resolutions surpassing 1080p, guaranteeing exceptional detail and color accuracy up to 5 meters (16.4 feet). Furthermore, its integration with the HDMI Ethernet Channel streamlines networking capabilities, offering a seamless connectivity solution without the need for additional cables.

Setting it apart from conventional aerospace HDMI cables is its certification from an HDMI-authorized test center, ensuring rigorous testing and approval for quality and performance, in strict alignment with HDMI standards. Unlike conventional cables, this certification provides unmatched assurance of reliability and compatibility, crucial for aerospace applications where precision is paramount.

With expanded support for 3D formats, content type signaling, and multiple color spaces, the H1926-HS offers enhanced versatility and interoperability, catering to a wide range of military and civil applications. From high-resolution video surveillance and reconnaissance to cockpit displays and in-flight entertainment systems, this cable leverages HDMI® technology to deliver unmatched quality and performance.

"Certification from HDMI ensures that the H1926-HS meets the highest standards of quality and reliability," remarked Bryan Loeb, Product Manager at PIC Wire & Cable. "We're excited about the potential this cable holds to elevate aerospace and defense connectivity, providing clarity, reliability, and innovation to critical sectors."

The H1926-HS cable is now available to transform your aerospace and defense connectivity. 

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HDMI Launch


Waukesha, WI  - March 18, 2024