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All Your MACHFORCE Questions Answered



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Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about MACHFORCE.   For additional information regarding MACHFORCE, learn more or contact us



Explore commonly asked questions regarding MACHFORCE's capabilities to serve diverse aerospace and defense applications.   

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MACHFORCE is an advanced connector solution, inspired by the rugged D38999 style, tailored for the aerospace and defense sectors, demanding high-speed electronics. Engineered with user convenience in mind, it ensures easier termination, facilitates longer cable runs with multiple breaks, and simplifies field repairability. MACHFORCE connectors boast an advanced design and high-density configuration, resulting in a more compact interconnect solution compared to alternatives.

What makes MACHFORCE different from other connectors?

Space Savings:  You can consolidate several ethernet connectors into one MACHFORCE connector, thereby shrinking your interconnect footprint.

Ease of Termination MACHFORCE can be terminated quickly with standard tools allowing your team to focus on other value-added activities.  MACHFORCE connectors prioritize speed to ensure you get the job done quickly without compromising on quality. 

Signal Integrity:  The High Speed Module (HSM) isolates each twisted pair and enables each data pair to retain its twist right up to the 22D contact ensuring data density, signal integrity, reduced crosstalk, and optimal impedance control.

Maximum Length Maintains CAT6a (10Gb) signals at lengths up to 80m (270 ft.) with 5 disconnects.

Field Repairability:  With MACHFORCE connectors, diagnosing and repairing issues in the field is quick and straightforward.  All these repairs can be completed in a matter of minutes with standard tools and size 22D contacts.

What are the key features of MACHFORCE connectors?

MACHFORCE features high-density configurations, robust build quality, and reliability to meet the demands of modern electronic applications:

Superior Port Density: Optimize every inch in your designs with MACHFORCE's unparalleled port density, allowing you to achieve more within a compact footprint. Gain design flexibility and ability to reduce the number of connectors in your system, saving both space and weight.  MACHFOREC connectors also deliver 10 ports in a size 25 connector & 4 ports in a size 17 connector.

Electrical Performance:  Unlock exceptional electrical performance with MACHFORCE. MACHFORCE's innovative High-Speed Module sets a new standard, ensuring impeccable signal integrity, reduced crosstalk, and optimal impedance control passing CAT6a (10Gb) signals at lengths up to 80m with 5 disconnects.

Simplified Installations: No need for special tools. MACHFORCE connectors can be terminated and repaired using standard tools, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of procuring and transporting specialty equipment.

Field Repairability: With MACHFORCE, you have the flexibility to perform on-the-spot repairs without the need for special tools or complicated procedures. Imagine being able to diagnose and fix an intermittent signal issue right there in the field. Our connectors allow you to easily remove the High-Speed Module, inspect twisted pairs, and, if needed, re-crimp a damaged pin using standard industry-standard 22D pins and sockets.

Are there different configurations and sizes available for MACHFORCE connectors?

Yes, MACHFORCE has a full portfolio offering of size 25 and 17 connection types, including Flange, Plug, JamNut, and PCB.  MACHFORCE also offers a full family of backshells, allowing for multiple configurations and sealing options.

Are these connectors used on any embedded computing boxes or servers?

Absolutely! MACHFORCE connectors are available in PCB mounting configurations and are often utilized in embedded computing boxes and servers. Their high port density, compact footprint, and field repairability make them well-suited for such applications. Their versatility and reliability ensure seamless integration and robust performance in various embedded computing and server environments.

What level of moisture ingress does this connector achieve?

The MACHFORCE connector boasts a high level of moisture ingress protection with an IP67 rating. This ensures dependable performance even in challenging and wet conditions, offering sturdy defense against moisture and dust ingress. For detailed specifications, please refer to the testing datasheet or contact our technical team.

Is the MACHFORCE connector field repairable?

Yes, it is field repairable using standard tools and enables simplified troubleshooting. Users can replace a single pin or socket without disturbing the rest of the pins. If further repair is needed, an entire port can be repaired in a matter of minutes.

Can MACHFORCE use standard caps and plugs?

You can use MACHFORCE sealing plugs for all sizes. For more details on these sealing plugs, please contact us. Standard dust caps are suitable for size 17, however, size 25 requires a MACHFORCE-specific dust cap due to its unique design features that enable the superior port density (10 ports) available in the size 25 connector.

Do you offer training on how to assemble MACHFORCE?

PIC offers comprehensive Termination Instructions for MACHFORCE and is available to offer additional training upon request.



Questions regarding the electrical performance and parameters for MACHFORCE connectors.

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How does the MACHFORCE connector achieve superior signal integrity?

The High-Speed Module (HSM) plays a crucial role in maintaining signal integrity, thanks to its innovative design features such as linear configuration, fins, grooves, and precise maintenance of twisted pairs to contact. Additionally, the clamping door, grommet, and insulator contribute to the overall reliability of the system. For a deeper understanding of this topic, we invite you to explore our technical article MACHFORCE: Optimizing Signal Integrity.

What protocols does MACHFORCE connectors support?

MACHFORCE has undergone rigorous testing and validation to meet CAT6A performance standards.

What Ethernet cables are certified for MACHFORCE connectors?

PICMates E6A6824 & E6A6826 Ethernet cables have undergone extensive testing and validation to ensure optimal electrical performance. For detailed information on electrical performance, refer to the provided electrical performance documentation.

Can you populate the connector with mil-spec wire, coax, power, & fiber?

While PIC has certified the performance of MACHFORCE connectors with PICMates Ethernet cables E6A6824 & E6A6826, many customers have successfully used these connectors with other cables. However, it's essential to note that certification for compatibility with other cables is typically done at the customer level.

How is grounding achieved in MACHFORCE?

Under the clamping mechanism of the High-Speed Module, the cable’s shielding is pulled back and grounded to the High-Speed Module itself.   When the high-speed module is inserted into the MACHFORCE connector body, that grounding is passed to the connector body.   As MACHFORCE connectors are matted with other MACHFORCE connectors, that grounding is maintained.  



Inquiries regarding purchasing various MACHFORCE components. 

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Is MACHFORCE available for sale as an individual connector and complete assembly?

Yes, MACHFORCE connectors are available for purchase both individually and as part of a complete assembly. You can choose to buy the connectors separately or opt to build a complete assembly using our MACHFORCE Part Number Builder tool.

For pricing and quotations, please reach out to us.

Are MACHFORCE Connector parts available to purchase individually?

Yes, individual components of the MACHFORCE Connector are available for purchase.

To request a quote for any of these components, please visit Request MACHFORCE Quote.