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MACHFORCE Connector Line Launches

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MACHFORCE Connector Product Line Launches At AUSA

MACHFORCE Connectors

PIC Wire & Cable is proud to launch it's newest 10G Ethernet connectors product line, MACHFORCE, at the AUSA: Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

MACHFORCE is a D38999 style high-speed 10G data connector designed for rugged aerospace and defense applications. Its patented design offers the market’s highest density 10G Ethernet connector with several key features:

  • Ten 10G Ethernet ports to maximize data density and optimize space
  • Reliable electrical performance with multiple disconnects
  • Anti-decoupling ring allows for easy connect and disconnect with gloved hand
  • Easy termination and field repairable with quick access to terminated wires and standard 22D pins, sockets and tools

At AUSA, PIC Wire & Cable will demonstrate Crystal Group’s RCS7750-48CM rugged networking switch that incorporates five MACHFORCE connectors to yield 48 10G Ethernet ports. “We look forward to solving our customers’ unique interconnect challenges with a product consciously designed to enhance density, speed and reliability,” says John Lytle, Global Sales & Marketing Director.

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Sussex, Wisconsin – October 14, 2019