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Evolution of Connectors Webinar

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take a brief look at the history of military connectors and how our ruggedized MACHFORCE connector is ideal for next-generation electronics systems in military and defense technology.


MIL-DTL-38999 connectors have been the standard for aerospace and defense applications for years, being used in everything from aircraft to military vehicles. Now, though, that modern ruggedized computing systems require higher data transfer speeds, easy-to-install, and highly dense ethernet connectors, it’s a necessity for manufacturers to adapt these connectors to meet changing technological advancements.


At PIC Wire & Cable, we’ve designed our MACHFORCE D-38999 connector for current and future high-speed electronic systems within the aerospace and defense markets. Our MACHFORCE connector integrates several features that enable it to be relevant for next-generation sophisticated electronics. With features such as a small interconnect footprint, the opportunity to leverage multiple disconnects while maintaining signal integrity, and direct access to terminated pins for easy termination and repair, it’s easy to see how MACHFORCE connectors are the ideal solution for advancing interconnect capabilities within the aerospace and defense markets.


Join us to learn more about this ruggedized ethernet connector and how it can help your project achieve its goals.

History of D38999 Connectors in Military Applications

Key Takeaways

  • Briefly review the history of military connectors
  • Learn how expanding data requirements are pushing the technological needs
  • Identify pain points with current D38999 market offerings
  • Explore the natural evolution of the 38999 connector form factor- MACHFORCE connectors

Build Your Own MACHFORCE Connector

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