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Optimizing Interconnect Components Webinar

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Learn About Optimizing Interconnect Components in 10 Gb Ethernet Aerospace Applications


Many aerospace designers are making decisions about how to upgrade their communications networks to support everything from advanced navigation systems in military aircraft to high-definition entertainment options on commercial airlines. Given the emerging technologies being integrated by the aerospace industry, the ability to quickly expand data transmission has become imperative.


There are several connectivity solution options to consider when expanding to a higher bandwidth. A popular option is 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) cable, which can support current mission-critical functionality while offering room to expand with growing data requirements. 10 GbE is an ideal solution as Ethernet cables are already widely used on aircraft and 10 GbE connectors have evolved to seamlessly interface with infrastructure typically installed on airframes.


To ensure this seamless integration, MACHFORCE connectors, which have been tested and qualified with PIC Wire & Cable’s DataMATES® 10GbE cables, leverage the footprint of the D38999 specification, while offering unique benefits like a small interconnect footprint, the opportunity to leverage multiple disconnects while maintaining signal integrity, and direct access to terminated pins for easy termination and repair.

Optimizing Interconnect In 10G Applications with MACHFORCE D38999 Connectors

Key Takeaways

Review the growing bandwidth requirements in the aerospace industry

Learn about the role of 10GbE on aircraft

Gain an understanding of a D38999 10GbE connector solution (MACHFORCE)


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