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E84824 - CAT8 Ethernet Cable

The E84824 is a 4-Pair, 40G Base-T Cat 8 Ethernet cable designed to meet the demands of today’s high-speed data transmission applications. Our Cat8 cable features four pairs of twisted copper wires that are shielded with improved insulation to minimize crosstalk and interference, resulting in a stable, clear signal that enables lightning-fast data transmission with minimal signal degradation. The cable’s improved shielding and insulation also make it suitable for longer cable runs. The cable is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability, and is built to last even under heavy usage. With its superior speed, bandwidth, signal quality, and reliability, the E84824 Ethernet cable is the perfect solution for all your high-speed networking needs.

E84824 Product Bulletin

E84824 Burn Test Data

Cable Construction

Conductor: Silver-Plated Copper Alloy
Dielectric: FEP
Shield #1: Aluminum/Polyester Composite
Shield #2: Silver-Plated Copper Braid
Jacket: ETFE, White (Laser Markable)


Color Codes

  • Pair #1: Blue/White w/Blue Stripe
  • Pair #2: Green/White w/Green Stripe
  • Pair #3: Brown/White w/Brown Stripe
  • Pair #4: Orange/White w/Orange Stripe

Physical Data

  • Conductor:24 AWG Stranded SPCA
  • Shield Coverage:90% Braid
  • Temperature Range: -55/200°C
  • Outer Diameter: in (mm)0.28 (7.10)
  • Minimum Bend Radius: in (mm)1.50 (38.10)
  • Weight: lbs/100 ft (kg/100 m)4.60 (2.08)

Electrical Data

  • Impedance: ohms100
  • Capacitance: pF/ft (m)13.50 (44.30)
  • Velocity of Propagation: 75.00%
  • Dielectric Voltage Rating: (kV, RMS)1.50
  • DC Resistance: ohms/1000 ft (m)28.40 (93.20)
  • Max Distance:* ft (m)90 (27)



Nom/Max dB/100 ft

Nom/Max (dB/100 m)
@100 MHz 6.6/7.2 (21.7/23.6)
@250 MHz 10.6/11.5 (34.8/33.0)
@500 MHz 15.2/16.6 (49.9/54.5)
@1000 MHz 21.6/24.4 (85.6/80.1)
@2000 MHz 32.3/36.3 (92.8/119.1)

Spec Sheet Builder

E84824 Connectors

Select one or more connector files to download directly or add to your compiled pdf document.

Connector TypeDescriptionPart NumberTermination InstructionsAdd to Spec Sheet
RJ45 For 4 Pair CablesPlug w/Clamp Nut Strain Relief (Cat 8 ‐ 568B Only)111107T-111107
Jack w/ATUM Strain Relief (Cat 8 ‐ 568A & 568B)111109T-111109
Plug w/Clamp Nut Strain Relief (Cat 8 ‐ 568B Only)111112T-111112

Spec Sheet Includes:

  • Assembly Loss at
  • Product Bulletin
  • Burn Test Data

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