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G771553 - Databus Cable (1 Data Pair)

The G771553 is a 77 ohm twin-axial cable constructed of high quality materials that meet or exceed the requirements for 1553B data bus cable. G771553 is a laser markable version of Military Standard 1553B data bus cable that saves weight and time versus using traditional 1553B cable. Most 1553 data bus applications require identification at regular intervals (e.g. every 2 feet); using traditional 1553B cable and labels requires an investment in label material and installation labor while adding significant weight to the final cable. 

G771553 Product Bulletin

G771553 Burn Test Data

Cable Construction

  • Conductor: Silver-Plated High-Strength Copper Alloy
  • Dielectric: PTFE
  • Fillers: Fluoropolymer Rods
  • Shield #1: Silver-Plated Copper High-Strength Copper-Alloy Braid
  • Jacket: ETFE ,White (Laser Markable)

Color Codes

  • Pair #1: White, Blue

Physical Data

  • Conductor:24 AWG Stranded SPHSCA
  • Shield Coverage:90% Braid
  • Temperature Range: -55/200°C
  • Outer Diameter: in (mm)0.13 (3.18)
  • Minimum Bend Radius: in (mm)0.65 (16.51)
  • Weight: lbs/100 ft (kg/100 m)1.70 (2.50)

Electrical Data

  • Impedance: ohms77
  • Capacitance: pF/ft (m)23.40 (76.80)
  • Velocity of Propagation: 68.00%
  • Dielectric Voltage Rating: (kV, RMS)1.00
  • DC Resistance: ohms/1000 ft (m)28.40 (93.20)


Frequency  Max dB/100 ft (m)
@1 MHz 1.4 (4.6)

Spec Sheet Includes:

  • Assembly Loss at
  • Product Bulletin
  • Burn Test Data

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