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Interconnect for Aerospace & Defense Applications

High-Performance Interconnect Solutions

Premium Aerospace & Defense Cables, Connectors & Assemblies for RF, Data, Video & High-frequency applications


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Ruggedized High-Speed Interconnect System

Delivering tomorrow's ruggedized connectivity for today's high-speed electronics.

Build D38999 Assembly


50 Ohm Coax Cable up to 80% lighter than traditional cable with a tighter bend radius, higher EMI immunity, and lower loss allowing for increased payload.

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Aircraft Cables, Connectors and Assemblies for Military, Business and Commercial Applications

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Premium interconnect cables designed for electronic RF, video, data, and high-frequency aerospace applications.

PICMates Cables

MACHFORCE is a D38999 style high-speed 10G Ethernet connector designed for rugged military applications.

MACHFORCE Connectors


Our extensive line of high-quality connectors and contacts for aerospace and defense electronic applications.

Connectors & Contacts


PIC Assemblies combine expert knowledge and flawless execution to create cable assembly solutions for you.

PICMates Assemblies

Robust and durable design to provide high-performing, reliable signal transmissions with outstanding electrical & mechanical integrity

Significant weight savings for enhanced fuel efficiency and increased payload

Greater cable flexibility and smaller diameters for easier routing and installation in tight, crowded areas

Performance under pressure:  Resistant to shock, vibration, abrasion, contaminants, temperature fluctuations and more.

PIC Wire & Cable products are engineered to perform under pressure in harsh aerospace environments and manufactured with extensive quality control measures to ensure consistent performance. Since 1971, our teams have solved tough challenges using innovative cables and connectors to deliver solutions. Our technical sales team and engineers are on your team, collaborating to ensure your project is a success.
This is what we do—we're here to make our customer’s jobs easier. Make PIC your go-to for aerospace cabling solutions and you'll see why we've been trusted with some of the toughest jobs in the industry.

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