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S33141 - 50 Ohm Coaxial RF Cable

S33141 is a 50 Ohm coaxial cable and the industry’s workhorse, with decades of proven performance in the aerospace and defense markets. The construction of the S33141 features a multi-layered shielding that combines conventional shields with an inner braid woven of flat strip of silver plated copper which reduces attenuation at frequencies over 1GHz when compared to round wire braids in standard coaxial cable. The cable VSWR is lower because the braids can be applied more uniformly, providing more uniform coverage and reducing attenuation due to aging and flexure. When compared to Mil-Spec coax cable, the S33141 cable is less than one third the weight of RG393 coax cable and approximately half the weight when compared to RG393, as well as more flexible and lower loss.

S33141 Product Bulletin

S33141 Burn Test Data

Cable Construction

  • Conductor: Silver-Plated Copper
  • Dielectric: PTFE
  • Shield #1: Silver-Plated Copper Flat Strip Braid
  • Shield #2: Aluminum/Polyimide Foil
  • Shield #3: Silver-Plated Copper Braid
  • Jacket: Extruded FEP, Clear

Physical Data

  • Conductor:14 AWG Stranded SPC
  • Temperature Range: -55/200°C
  • Outer Diameter: in (mm)0.27 (6.86)
  • Minimum Bend Radius: in (mm)1.40 (35.56)
  • Weight: lbs/100 ft (kg/100 m)6.50 (9.70)

Electrical Data

  • Impedance: ohms50
  • Capacitance: pF/ft (m)25.00 (82.00)
  • Velocity of Propagation: 80.50%
  • Time Delay: ns/ft (m)1.26 (4.13)
  • Shielding Effectiveness: dB (min)-90
  • Dielectric Voltage Rating: (kV, RMS)5.00
  • DC Resistance: ohms/1000 ft (m)2.90 (9.50)


Frequency Nom/Max dB/100 ft Nom/Max (dB/100 m)
@0.4 GHz 4.2/4.7 (13.8/15.4)
@1.0 GHz 6.7/7.4 (22.0/24.3)
@1.6 GHz 8.6/9.5 (28.2/31.2)
@5.0 GHz 15.5/17.1 (50.9/56.1)


Formula for Attenuation:
(K1 × √F(MHz) + (K2 × F(MHz))

K Values (nom loss):
K1 =0.207   K2 =0.0001785

Spec Sheet Builder

S33141 Connectors

Select one or more connector files to download directly or add to your compiled pdf document.

Connector TypeDescriptionPart NumberTermination InstructionsAdd to Spec Sheet
50 Ohm ARINC600 Size 1190301T-190XXX
600 Modified Size 1190302T-190XXX
404/600 Size 5190303T-190303
404 Size 1190319T-190XXX
Size 8 Socket190329T-190329
50 Ohm BNCStraight Plug190112T-190XXX
Straight Plug190312T-190XXX
90° Plug190313T-190XXX
Inline Jack190327T-190XXX
50 Ohm C Connectors90° Plug190107T-190XXX
Straight Plug190306T-190XXX
90° Plug190307T-190XXX
50 Ohm HNStraight Plug190304T-190XXX
90° Plug190305T-190XXX
50 Ohm M39029Size 8 Pin190338T-190338
Size 8 Socket190339T-190339
50 Ohm NStraight Plug190310T-190XXX
90° Plug190311T-190XXX
Bulkhead Jack190322T-190XXX
Inline Jack190324T-190XXX
50 Ohm SMAStraight Plug190314T-190XXX
90° Plug190315T-190XXX
50 Ohm TNCStraight Plug190308T-190XXX
90° Plug190309T-190XXX
Bulkhead Jack190321T-190XXX
Inline Jack190323T-190XXX
75° Plug190331T-190XXX

Spec Sheet Includes:

  • Assembly Loss at
  • Product Bulletin
  • Burn Test Data

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